Back to school: Start September off right!

New beginnings are exciting but they can also be stressful for both parents and kids. Follow these tips for a running start to the new school year!

Get into a routine a week in advance

Gradually start getting ready for bed a little earlier. The kids can pick out their outfits and prepare their lunches the night before too, especially if they haven’t done so throughout the summer. As they get ready, explain why it’s so important to be organized and on time for the school year. If they know what the schedule reboot is all about, chances are they’ll cooperate!

Make school shopping fun, not stressful

Allow the kids to choose a few extra cool school supplies, even if they cost a little more. Their excitement about bringing them to school will be worth it! Back at home, customize their binders and folders with pictures from the summer or use paint markers to write on their names in fun designs.

 Turn on learning mode

Break out the books and lessen screen time so they adjust to quiet, concentrating time. After the school year starts, get them into the habit of starting homework, whatever they can complete on their own, as soon as they come home. Physical exercise improves concentration and mental processing too, so let them get plenty of active, outdoor play when they’ve finished their homework.

Get involved

Introduce yourself and your younger ones to their teachers. This will open up the line of friendly communication for future concerns and will model to your kids that it’s okay to approach the teacher. When said issue arises, encourage them to ask the teacher for help directly before you step in yourself. This will foster confidence and independence in your little ones!