KidzLane Classics: Our first ever wooden collection

 As you know, here at KidzLane, we are all about bright, durable toys with nifty features that utilize the latest tech advances. That will always be what we stand for but we wanted to take step back and create a collection that brought us back to older, simpler times.

The new KidzLane Classics are made of thick, smooth wood to last through the generations, just like the toys you played with when you were a kid. We included toys from a few different categories: musical, educational and pretend play to cover all our bases. And even though the toys are wood, we made sure they’d still be full of color, our signature look.

The Xylophone features 8 keys, a rubber tipped mallet and 8 song cards so the older kids can really learn music. The younger ones will love going wild on the keys, and exposure to the different notes will give their developing minds a cognitive boost.

Toddlers can pretend they are walking their very own pet unicorn in the park with our Pull-Along Unicorn. Large rounded ends (including the unicorn’s horn!) ensure little ones wont get hurt during playtime no matter how rowdy they get.

Shaped like a giant face, the Gear Head set invites kids of all ages to construct different facial expressions using gear cogs that spin and interlock. They’ll learn spatial awareness as they discover how their placements allow or don’t allow for a rotating design.  

The magnetic fishing game makes learning math exciting! The 12 wooden fish feature numbers with corresponding dots so tots can count them up. Take turns selecting fish using the magnetic fishing wands to add together, subtract from each other or multiply with your middle schooler. When homework is done, flip the fish the other way to reveal multicolored designs and have a fishing free-for-all.