The holidays comes too quickly these days,  and that's why it's never too early to begin shopping for the coolest gifts for your boys this season.  The count down to the holidays can often come with so much pressure- especially when you're slammed with hectic, time-gulping schedules.  Picking up gifts early could be the panacea to not  alienating your kids from the buzz,  frenzy and fun  that come  with the season. Remember it's all about making great memories that they can always cherish all their lives. Here are the best kids gifts you should shop for to heighten your boy's  sense of festivity this Christmas.


Kids Sing Alot Bluetooth Microphone

The holiday as you already know comes with those special moments frozen in songs that preach  love,  sacrifice and family reunion. The Kids Sing Alot Microphone avails your child that stage to express himself in season music in perfectly projecting  the aura of this time of the year and even beyond. Masterfully equipped with 10 programmable songs and a buzzing built-in speaker that amplified his voice--think of Beat Audio,  DTS Effect, ya!  You're not in the wrong!  This superb toy connects smartly with any Bluetooth enabled device so he can listen to prerecorded songs when he's not the performer. He's also got 100 seconds of recording so he can sing and have you all listen to it.  So go on and have your boy plunge into sweet caroling this Christmas. He could perform Jingle Bell or mime the sensational Let it Snow ; raising his voice to the high heaven  all in the spirit of Christmas.


Laser Gun Tag Game Mega Pack

Seek cover! The dreadful laser gun game pack is in the air and it's fierce. Get ready to take cover when your boy opens up this high pitch blaster on Christmas morning because this is sure to trigger his excitement ASAP.   The laser gun features a 4-team mode design that allows your boy to choose a team, each team is indicated by a colour light. He can also choose from  an array of ammunition in the setting-- a shotgun,  pistol, submarine gun and guess what?  A rocket! This toy makes realistic gun, submarine and rocket sound accompanied by flashes of light and vibration when your boy aims a target.  Take this advice: seek cover now or get hit in the season's frenzy!



Stunt Car

Watch it climb, tumble and roll! This extreme radio controlled stunt car easily perform full 360 front axle spin and reverse flips with  unbelievable speed and precision.  The multicolor flashing LED makes this RC stunt car toy one of a kind and most suitable for your boy this Christmas. The ease  of use and astonishing tumbling skill  is made possible by the uniqueness in the design integrating a wide effect of the remote signal on the toy car. Imagine a James Bond dodging around  pillars to  have  his car flip and spin masterfully through the enemy's camp!   Your boy would certainly want this exciting stunt car for a complete Christmas.


Kidzlane Binoculars

Take your boy's playtime adventure to a higher plane this seasons by acquiring the kidzlane binoculars toy. Have him spy on stars at night in remembrance of the Magi seeking the birthplace of the Savior King. Bring the world closer to his eyes by magnifying everything in sight. The Kidzlane Binoculars is safe to use and poses no health hazard whatsoever.  It's design is crafted to give your boy a different, more concise view of his world's vastness he probably hasn't yet noticed.

Kidirace All Terrain RC Rock Crawler

Adventure is the highlight of the season. Have your boy have it in full with the adventurous Kidirace All Terrain RC Rock Crawler. This powerful 4-wheel drive operates with 3 fast-pace motors equipping it to easily power through rocks, gravel,  mud and even  soft sand. This realistic toy crawler is easy to control and is certainly every boy's dream of season's gift.