Holidays are special seasons for kids. They avail them the opportunity to interact more with family and environs in manners they haven't been able to during school sessions. Be it the introvert or the extrovert child, play offers one of the best ways to learn new things. Knowledge gained from fun times tend to stick with kids into adulthood. Often, it could be the foundation of their eventually career on the long run.


At Kidzlane,  we understand the importance of play in learning,  we have therefore,  through the help  of our expert team made selections of toys suitable for kids of different age range and interest. Think the future musicians, chefs,   accountants,  engineers or scientists ? We've got it all covered in this exclusive guide to finding the right toy for the season. In order to ease your search, we've categorize different toys into different interest groups. Have fun browsing through our exciting catalogue below.


Future Musician

It could be your kindergarten or 5 years old  showing attraction towards melodies and beats. You find him or her nodding to a jam, recreating the lyrics of a popular song or simply  singing along. Here are educational toys to help hone the passion when you find  a music lover in a child:



Light weighed and easy to carry, the karaoke machine offers your child what he or  she needs to weave the musical talent into life. Its  features include  in-built music storage of up to 512mb that allows for storage of different songs of choice. The karaoke machine can connect effortless if you choose to stream music from a Bluetooth enabled device. It also  comes with a USB feature and Aux input. When not singing or humming along, your kid can tune in to FM radio and listen to the latest broadcast on a  plethora of fun exuding stations.



Fun is the hallmark of learning for kids, and that's what this piano mat brings to the entire family. With this foldable, large piano mat, kids can through stomping on keys create powerful and realistic musical sound. It comes with a durable battery life and a battery system that powers off automatically when not in use. The five feet long piano ma is also able to create sounds of other instruments including the guitar, sax, harp, violin and more equipping your kid to make music on the spot. There's no doubt opting for this toy will help your kid connect to that inner drive that makes a real superstar.


Future Scientists


Interactive Globe for Kids

Your kid doesn't have to be on the  next flight to tour the world. Tbe illuminated  interactive globe can be a quick and  knowledgeable tour guide. Your kids can explore the world in colourful, detailed and easy- to-read maps including continents, countries, cities and natural wonders.  Its  illuminating property brings the dark sky to your kid's room at night, making darkness so cool and fun to sight.  Got an inquisitive  kid showing a deep zest to explore the world? Help him know places even before he ever steps foot on their terrains  by opting for this Interactive globe educational toy.

Kidzlane Binoculars

Bring the world closer to your kid's eyes this season by buying this explorer item.  Have him close up distance and appreciate nature and it's beautiful more through the powerful lens of a binoculars. The kidzlane binoculars is created from a blueprint thst ensures it causes no damage to your kid's eyes. He or she could zoom in and out covering near and far distance at will. The hunger  for espionage or astronomy can not be better satiated than having your kid own a toy that helps them  bridge distance and make a small world appear bigger and more detailed.

Future Chefs

Kids Microwave Oven Toy

Is he or she a foodie?  Seen your kid loiter around tbe kitchen stealing glances on the way you or anyone else prepares meals? That's a sign they might be our next Gordon Ramsay with restaurant in the Roca class. The micovave oven toy creates a realistic microwave  simulation featuring 6 different timer settings for different food type. It also teaches microwave safety to your kids  so they get to know the does and don't around the real microwave in the kitchen. This toy oven is absolutely best for educational purpose to kids with cooking inclination.



Future Accountants


Kids Interactive Electronic Cash Register

For kids with passion towards book keeping, store keeping and financial responsibility, this electronic cash toy is the  best companion to build confidence in financial accounting before they grow into adulthood. It features real action registers, pretend money and pretend groceries to create a realistic accounting experience.  Have your kid maximize every hour of this season by blending fun with learning through  these educational toys expertly crated to  bring out the genius in your child.